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Wedding in Denmark today is a modern, absolutely legal and most affordable way to register your personal relations and obtain the marital status, you strait and safe road to become a resident of Germany and European Union.

More than eight years our company is helping people from all over the world to bind their lives and destinies together with the most simple and convenient way. It is possible because of our deep and detailed knowledge of the complicate legislations in Denmark, Germany and EU.

We make your wedding in Denmark convenient, comfortable and price-affordable, implementing our rich knowledge and outstanding competence. We accompany you from the first to the last step of the wedding procedure, from your first phone call to us till the receiving your authentic Wedding Certificate.
On the day of arrival in Denmark you will have enough time to enjoy the breathtaking sightseeing and showplaces as well as cultural and tourist attractions of this beautiful country.
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Our Advantages:

  • Reliability and safety
  • Short terms organizing
  • Affordable and ground-oriented price
  • boundless gratitude of thousands of customers married in Denmark under our supervision

You will receive the fully detailed information about the procedure „Wedding in Denmark“ on our site, or simply call our phone number or write us an e-mail.

BREAKING NEWS: the homosexual wedding is officially allowed directly from now!

(woman + woman) or (man + man)
Please call us, we are happy to help you to register your marital relations officially!

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